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Well-known “Southern Lady” Mrs. Pat Jeffcoat, to be memorialized today

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Former Lexington County Council Chairman Johnny Jeffcoat's wife of 52 years, Pat Jeffcoat, passed away earlier this week. She had been battling a long-term illness.

She was often described as Johnny Jeffcoat’s wife or the mother of two successful sons, Brian and Michael Jeffcoat. She was a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, mother in law, aunt, and the matriarch of a wonderful Lexington County family. Mrs. Pat was 72 when she passed. Much of her adult life, she was the woman who worked behind the scene as her husband and sons gained fame. She was proud of that fact and her family was engaged and successful at what they did, yet Mrs. Pat was so much more.

Pat Jeffcoat was the true epitome of a gracious southern lady. She graduated summa cum laude from Columbia College in 1992 and served as a court reporter for over 30 years. She was a certified Master Gardener and award-winning landscape designer. She loved nature and its beauty. She often led campaigns to add natural enhancements to Lexington. She never forgot what God’s natural gifts added even when manmade successful venues and architectural features like the Mark Westbrook Judicial Center and the Icehouse Amphitheater sprouted up around Lexington and the county. Mrs. Pat helped to raise money for specific beautification projects and then worked alongside people like Town of Lexington Councilmember Hazel Livingston to see them through to fruition.

Pat was involved in the Town of Lexington’s beautification efforts through volunteering her time to projects such as Lexington Square Park and the Lexington Welcome Sign “Front Porch” at Sunset Blvd. and I-20. She was also known for her work ethic and the subtle ability to speak the unvarnished truth.

On Wednesday, March 27, 2019, the Town of Lexington dedicated the Pat Jeffcoat Serenity Park within Virginia Hylton Park in Lexington. It was the first phase of the refurbishment and expansion for the town’s largest park. At the time of the Serenity Park’s dedication, the town had received community donations totaling $23,400 plus in-kind services for its construction. It is a place to enjoy nature, sit quietly within a growing, bustling town, and enjoy a place where you could just sit or read, think, breathe in the beauty of blooming flowers, or enjoy a variety of shrubs, and trees. There is a little free library inside the park that is regularly restocked by the Jeffcoat family. Visitors are welcome to take a book to read or leave one they’ve finished. Certainly, Mrs. Pat was well-known for the success of the men in her life, but she was also known as someone who was successful herself; she loved this area and cared about it deeply.

Temple-Haloran Funeral Home is in charge of her arrangements. She will be remembered January 2, 2020 (today) beginning at 10:00 a.m. with visitation of her family beginning at 10:00 a.m. That will be followed by her funeral at noon. To see the official obituary, click here.

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