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Kennedy's vision becomes reality as Nephron opens in-house pharmacy for employees and families

West Columbia, S.C. – The vision of Lou and Bill Kennedy – to offer employees of Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation an in-house pharmacy for their health care, prescription medication and over-the-counter drug needs – became reality last week.

Bill Kennedy, the company chief business development officer and a pharmacist by trade, opened the full-service pharmacy on Thursday, January 2. Located inside of Nephron’s state-of-the-art 400,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Lexington County's Saxe Gotha Industrial Park near Cayce, the pharmacy fills prescriptions for employees and family members who participate in the Nephron health plan.

“A team of the best pharmacy professionals in the Midlands will be on-hand every day at the pharmacy to give Nephron employees the very best counseling regarding medications and treatment right here at one of South Carolina’s fastest growing businesses,” said Kennedy. “We are excited to provide our employees with the opportunity to save their hard-earned dollars while delivering superior service and quality of care through Nephron Pharmacy.”

Nephron employees can fill prescription drugs at a lower cost than external retail outlets, such as Walgreens or CVS, when they use Nephron Pharmacy. They can fill generic prescriptions at a cost of only $3.50 per prescription. In addition to filling prescriptions, Nephron Pharmacy offers a variety of over the counter health products, such as Elderberry, CBD, herbal supplements and vitamins. Pharmacists can also administer vaccines. There’re also the added benefits of little to no wait times as one would experience at a big box chain pharmacy.

Employees interested in improving their health through smoking cessation or nutrition and fitness will be able to work with health and wellness coaches at the pharmacy.

“Nephron is a family,” said CEO Lou Kennedy. “There is no better way to take care of our family than Nephron Pharmacy helping them keep more of the money they work hard to earn and making sure they have access to the very best health care and medications available. We are proud of Team Nephron, and we are proud of Nephron Pharmacy.”

Nephron has a reputation for caring for their employees and showing it. Nephron’s employees’ wages are well above the area’s average. When President Trump signed his tax cut package into law in 2017, Nephron immediately passed their tax savings on to their employees by giving them a five percent increase in their pay checks.

They've also employed schoolteachers after regular school hours in their business as part-time employees. This has allowed the teachers an opportunity to not only have a change of atmosphere they enjoy, but also gives the teachers an opportunity to earn above average pay. Many have used that money to help pay off student loans, take much needed vacations, catch up on bills, or even save for their retirement years.

Nephron's Pharmacy details are as follows:

Pharmacy Hours

8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Monday – Friday


(803) 462-5005


(803) 926-0674

Email for general information, refill orders, and information about your prescriptions.

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