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Lexington County paramedics recognized for saving lives and preserving patients’ quality of life

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Years ago, when someone went into cardiac arrest at their home or in the community, their chance of survival was very low. Nowadays, people who are found with no pulse and respiration when the first medically trained personnel arrive on scene have a real fighting chance of living out their lives with the ones they love!

Over the decades, there have been advancements in personnel training, cardiac protocols, first responder equipment and training. Lexington County has also invested in ambulances that are literally rolling emergency rooms. They carry all the right equipment and drugs and have the correct procedures in place. All this would be worthless without those all-important paramedics and EMTs.

Last week, Lexington County EMS had the pleasure of recognizing these team leaders for their life-saving Lexington County EMS professionals! Lt. Michael Beale, Lt. Andrew Peterson, Sgt. Melissa Shipp, Sgt. Danny Gross, Capt. Bobby Wampler, Cpl. Stuart Kearse , Lt. Dondi Munn, Sgt. Austin Pace, Capt. James Segroves, Sgt. Marilyn Sanchez, Cpl. Matthew Lybrand, Sgt. Matthew Gottlieb and Cpl. John Norton responded to cardiac arrest calls where the patients appeared to have gone. After these pros did their work, the patients’ pulses were regained, and they eventually walked out of the hospital neurologically intact. That means that their minds weren’t deprived of oxygen to the point that they would have no quality of life. They went home to their families ready to enjoy their second chance at life!

In a post on the County of Lexington’s social media pages, a spokesman for the county said, “Your dedication to saving the lives of others is what makes us so proud to live in Lexington County!”

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