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Sheriff’s Department asking for help in identifying hooded burglar

Boiling Springs, SC (Paul Kirby) – It seems as if social media has become a powerful tool for law enforcement to solve crimes. Often, once they release footage or photos of a criminal, tips start coming in that will lead to an identification and often then an arrest.

In this burglary case, they ask that you take a close look at a suspect who went into the store at Keisler’s Crossroads in Boiling Springs after it had closed. He helped himself to some items before fleeing; That’s burglary plain and simple!

In this video, you won’t see a face because of the hood on his jacket, but you might recognize something about his clothing or physical build. Take a very close look. You also may have heard someone talking about the crime, bragging, and laughing as he enjoyed his ill-gotten gains. Calling in that information may help too. If you have to, look at the video several times.

No tip is unimportant. That little mark on his clothes or the story you thought was just someone bragging or joking, all that could help put this burglar out of business. If you have a tip, any information at all, please share that with Crimestoppers. They can be reached by phone at 1-888-CRIME SC (888 274-6378).You can also make tips through their website at There’s a SUBMIT A TIP tab that makes that easy too. Please help by making that tip. Your home or business may be his next target.

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