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Lexington police officers looking for tips on purse napper, dine and dash suspect

Lexington, SC (Diana Nation) - The Lexington Police Department is turning to the social media community for help once again to locate a person who not only helped themselves to someone else’s property, but also stole from a local restaurant.

The man stole a woman’s purse and then left a local restaurant on Main Street in the Town of Lexington without paying for his bill. Regardless of what you call this; dine and dash or defrauding an inn keeper, the bottom line is after partaking in a meal at a restaurant it is required by law that you pay your bill before you leave.

Obviously at some point someone noticed that the handbag was missing, and it was determined that this man was in possession of it. Perhaps it matched his shoes or his jacket, but ultimately the handbag was not his to leave with.

Always remember, the only bad tip is the one not given. Detectives would much rather check out even the smallest tips as these have sometimes led to the biggest finds. If you think you may have met or know this guy, or saw him when you were eating, call it in. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Detective Payton at (803) 358-7271.

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