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Lexington County continues to recognize EMS professionals who save the lives of patients in cardiac

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – The County of Lexington is continuing the habit of recognizing Lexington County EMS professionals for their efforts in saving the lives of patients they find in cardiac arrest. Each is presented a certificate, but more importantly they received the thanks of the County, the patients, and the families who have their loved ones back.

When CPR was first widely taught to the public and ambulance crews, having a patient walk out of a hospital and returning to a normal life was almost unheard of. Many EMS teams were run by volunteers as rescue squads and the training and equipment just wasn’t what it is now. Thanks to advances in both those areas, Lexington County ambulances are rolling emergency rooms. The crews are equipped and trained to do in those units what a doctor would do at the hospital with a patient who’s not breathing and has no heartbeat. This greatly improves the survivability of a cardiac arrest event.

Still, working these cases is a tough and exhausting process. With fire crews acting as first responders, and EMS crews that receive hundreds of hours of initial and ongoing training during their careers, people do go home and happily live out their lives.That’s why it’s fitting that the County recognize these hardworking men and women in some way.

During the latest presentation, Pfc. Martin Santos, Sgt. Eddie Wasson, Sgt. Chris Carlucci, Sgt. Jasmine Rankine, Sgt. Sami Smith, Paramedic Karen Lovette and Capt. Bryan Dillon were recognized for their work in saving lives. (Pictured in Group 1)

They also recognized Cpl. Connor Taylor, Cpl. Heath Widdowson, Pfc. Zikia Smith, Sgt. Sarah Oliveria, Cpl. William Felkner, Sgt. Ben Vollmer, Sgt. Mike Hyder, Capt. Richie Stevens, Sgt. Maggie Szala, Sgt. Ryan Kahsar and Pfc. Zach Branham (Pictured in Group 2)

A spokesman for the County of Lexington said of these professionals, “Because of your efforts, the residents you saved will have a second chance at life and we can’t thank you enough for that!”

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