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“Too cool” residents say of helicopter doing powerline work

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Some residents of the Lexington area were just amazed and excited with some work being done on powerlines Tuesday. The reasons for the amazed looks, a utilities contractor was stretching the new lines with the help of a helicopter.

The work was being done along Augusta Road. The helicopter was being used to stretch new distribution lines along the top of the poles. This is normally the line with the highest voltage passing through it so it can run across some very tall poles. The helicopter can make the work easier than using special long reach bucket trucks for the contractor. It also makes a great show for people who just want to watch!

Lexington PD said over their social media Tuesday that any road closings would be for safety and they weren’t expected to last long. People were asked to find a safe place like a parking lot to stop if they wanted to watch the work being done.

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