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Swansea officer arrest man who broke into and damaged machines at laundromat causing thousands in da

Swansea, SC (Paul Kirby) - Swansea police officers arrested Charles McCaskill, 35, over the weekend after he was observed on security cameras breaking into washers and dryers at a local laundromat. He was charged with a multitude of crimes and booked into the LCDC.

According to the police, McCaskill has been charged with larceny, possession of burglary tools, and felony vandalism. He caused damage to ten of the laundry machines in the business. Many people depend on these machines because they have no laundry equipment at home.

Swansea officers said the owner of the laundromat estimated the cost of repairs for the damaged equipment is over $2,500.00. Police say McCaskill caused all this havoc for a mere $20.00 in change. Cameras at another business shows McCaskill spending the change on a sandwich and lottery tickets.

Chief Cliff Hayes has said many times the town of Swansea is a wonderful place to live, visit, work, or just enjoy. The department’s success rate in closing cases is high because of the dedicated officers who patrol the streets of the town both day and night. If you're out late at night, you are as apt to see the chief out patroling right alngside his officers. In a social media post, an officer said, “This activity is not welcome here [in Swansea] either!”

If you have information about any crimes that have occurred in the town, please call the Swansea Police Department at (803) 568-3366. You can also contact CRIME STOPPERS at 1-888-CRIME SC. You can even make tips online at

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