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US Vice President Mike Pence makes a “Must Stop” at Nephron enroute to Citadel this week

Cayce, SC (Paul Kirby) – Apparently, word has gotten out nationwide as this week, Vice President Mike Pence will enjoy a luncheon at the Nephron Pharmaceuticals’ campus with its CEO and President Lou Kennedy. The Cayce Campus, along with the hundreds of busy employees who work there, have become a must stop, must visit, for powerful business and political leaders from across the world.

Sometimes, these people are trying to get a real feel for Lexington County, the Midlands, and in part the people that demonstrate the American dream of working to success, a sucess that can still be obtained. There are so many other reasons to visit Lexington County too. There’s “The Jewel of SC” Lake Murray, other great businesses like Amazon and Michelin, great schools, parks and recreational opportunities, and other quality of life measures Lexington County offers. Still, all the movers and shakers, the people “who are” and want the full picture of the area must stop by Nephron to say hello to Lou and say they’ve really been to and seen the best our region has to offer.

When it comes to powerful, influential people, you don’t have many rungs to climb past the one that Vice President Mike Pence is standing on. That’s why when it was announced that Pence would be in South Carolina for a fundraising event at The Citadel in Charleston at the end of this week, he, like others, had to stop by, see Nephron, and have lunch with Lou Kennedy and a few friends.

While in SC, Vice President Pence will not just raise money for his and President Trump’s re-election campaign, he’ll also be presented the Nathan Hale Patriot Award. Of course, he’ll also take every opportunity possible to laud the president ‘s successes. Successes that include his record number of judges appointed to the federal bench, the rebuilding of our military, the First Step Act for Criminal Justice Reform, and of course the strength of our economy. These are all things that people like local Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-2) call "Promises made, promises kept."

At Nephron, the success of the economy is palpable. In December, 2017, while the economy was just beginning to really rev up, Lou Kennedy gave every Nephron employee a five percent raise! It wasn’t their Christmas bonuses, the federal “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” had just passed and was signed by President Trump into law. Kennedy explained then, “It had a direct impact on our businesses!” That benefit to Nephron was quickly passed to everyone; From the men and women who push the mops to the employees who sit in the chairs around the conference table. It’s actions like these, true examples of work for success and rewarding the employees when good things happen to the company, that make people visit Nephron. People like Vice President Pence and others who know that leaders like Lou Kennedy, not raised with a silver spoon in her mouth but instead in the Cayce/West Columbia area, can still make themselves successful with the right work ethic making the right decisions.

For those reasons and others, Vice President of the United States Mike Pence, will stop by Nephron for lunch on Thursday. Welcome back to Lexington County!

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