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Town of Chapin uses unique method to repair sidewalks on key downtown street

Chapin, SC (Paul Kirby) – People often say the only two things that are sure in life are death and taxes. Death, the inevitable end for everyone eventually, and taxes, the way most governments seem to jump in the citizens’ pockets if there’s a need to build, improve, hire, or add more services. In the case of the small Lexington County Town of Chapin, they’ve come up with a way to allow you to kick off happy, that’s still inevitable, but also help with some needed work around town without raising taxes!

On March 14, 2020 those inclined to overindulge can eat themselves to destruction with a delicious delicacy, oysters! The money raised during the event will be used to repair the damaged sidewalks along historic Beaufort Street with no new taxes. As a plan, it seems like a good one!

Chapin’s plan doesn’t just stop with the food, there’s also entertainment! The Swingin' Medallions, a band based out of the Greenwood since the early 1960's, has been one of the most popular South Carolina musical acts for decades. Their roots came from listening to the early rhythm and blues acts. The music most often associated with the band is beach music, frat rock, R&B, or shaggin' music. They will be playing the night away as you eat, drink, dance and be very merry!

This oyster roast is a rain or shine event. The area, including the dance floor, will be completely tented and covered. Event ticket price are just $25 before the event and $30 at the door. They’re available through EventBrite by checking out the event page sent up on Facebook. You can get to that page by clicking this link.

Your event ticket covers admission only. Oysters will be available for purchase from the Oyster Bar but hey, just think about those nice new sidewalks as you stuff yourself with goodies. There will be additional food items available for purchase if you’re not a fan of oysters. The Tipsy Toad Tavern will be selling drinks to help loosen up those feet for all the dancing.

If your business would like to help by being a sponsor, or perhaps you’d like to pitch in for the sidewalk project yourself, Chapin is accepting event donors. You can find out more about that by calling the town hall at (803) 345-2444.

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