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Pelion Middle School student suspended after making comments about gun and gangs; expulsion likely

Pelion, SC (Paul Kirby) – The administration of Pelion Middle School notified its students’ parents Wednesday evening about a student that had made some comments about a gun and gangs during the afternoon lunch period. According to Kailanya Brailey, principal of the school, administrators received reports that a seventh grade male student said that he was going to bring a gun to school Thursday.

Brailey said that after being informed of the talk, administrators acted in accordance with Board Policy by immediately informing the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department of the reports of the student’s threat. The claims were fully investigated. Staff collected witness statements and contacted the student’s parent.

During the course of the investigation, school administrators did find that the student made the comments and claimed a gang affiliation when making the statements in class. Brailey said that at this time, the school does not have evidence that the student’s alleged gang affiliations are connected to any other Pelion Middle School students.

She went on to say that Pelion Middle School does not tolerate this kind of behavior and feels that every child deserves a safe learning environment. For this reason and in accordance with applicable policies and procedures, school administrators suspended the student while he waits for an expulsion hearing with the district’s hearing officer. The student is not allowed on any Lexington District One property or at any events while suspended.

Brailey continued by saying that the school encourages students to report any safety concerns to school administrators, the School Resource Officer, school counselors, teachers or any other employee. She also reminded parents that if their child is ever uncomfortable reaching out to an employee, the district also has a district-wide Tip Line where they can submit a report. That line can be reached at 803-636-8317. This line allows you to leave a message where you will receive a return call quickly. You can also text details of student’s concern to 803-636-8317; or email details of their concern to

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