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Bonnie Williams named Lexington PD’s V.I.P.S. of the Year for 2019

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Lexington Police Chief Terrence Green presented Bonnie Williams with the department’s V.I.P.S. of the Year Award for 2019. Bonnie has given many hours of volunteer service to the citizens and officers of the town over the years.

According to their website, the V.I.P.S., or Volunteers in Police Services (V.I.P.S.) program, provides the opportunity to work with officers at special events. They are also ambassadors of the Lexington Police Department.

The V.I.P.S. program was implemented for alumni of the Citizen's Police Academy. It allows them to volunteer their time and talents to help the Lexington Police Department and the Town of Lexington community. Members provide extra manpower during special events, give direct feedback from the community and help identify issues that need to be addressed. They also attend regular training sessions so they can answer questions and concerns of those they may be around in their daily lives.

When presenting the award, Chief Green said he and the department wanted to thank Bonnie for all of her continued involvement with this program and for supporting the Lexington Police Department.

To learn more about Lexington PD’s V.I.P.S. check out their website by clicking this LINK.

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