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Knotts says NO!

South Congaree, SC (Paul Kirby) – After what he says was careful thought and reflection, Jake Knotts has said he will NOT run again for SC House District 88. That was the seat that Knotts made his first successful political run for office when he defeated Rep. Lenore Sturkie in the late ‘90s.

Knotts said that over the weekend, he must have gotten another 100 calls supporting his run from people of all walks of life, except his family. They were almost unanimous in their opposition to the idea. He said when one of his younger granddaughters said that he had done enough for everyone for else, now it was time to spend some time with them, it really tore at his heart.

“Over the years I served, we brought the Equestrian Arena to South Congaree, a new Sr. Citizen’s Center to the Pine Ridge / South Congaree area, the widening of Edmund Hwy. and so much more to this district. I’ve certainly done my part and more,” he concluded. I’ve had some health problems now that I’ve gotten older and I don’t need to spend my final years spending all my time doing for complete strangers or even old friends. My family has earned this time and I need to live and love them and offer them my undivided attention. Anyway, if people need help, they can always come to me and I’ll help them work it out as best I can. I still have a lot of friends,” he finished.

Knotts said that he appreciates the number of people that have called urging him to run. They were all good friends that knew what he could get done. “I’ve thought about it long and hard though and you can stop calling, I am out!” he finished.

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