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Red Bank man does what he loves and helps shelter pets at the same time

Red Bank, SC (Paul Kirby) – When Seth Clayton was 11 or 12 years old, he knew he enjoyed being outside mowing grass and caring for yards. He would walk around the neighborhood looking for work and doing a great job of cleaning up someone’s place when they hired him. It didn’t take long before he knew that one day, that’s how he would make his living.

Seth grew into an adult and eventually married Abby. Although he still wanted that yard care company, he went to work for a large home improvement chain that offered a steady paycheck. As he worked there moving up through the departments and into a management position, owning the business of his own still nagged at him. He talked with his wife about how he felt and together they considered and prayed about it.

Seth was working at the retail store when the couple found out Abby was pregnant. They had a son Aizik, pronounced Isaac, who is now just eight months old. When they learned of the pregnancy, they knew Abby was going to quit her job to be a stay-at-home mom. A retail paycheck wasn’t going to sustain them forever. Eventually, with his wife’s counsel, Seth decided he to leave the steady but smaller check of the corporate setting and start his own company doing what he’d always wanted. Right then, Seth knew that Mowglee Lawn Care was the right thing to do. Following his Christian faith, the company was started based around Mark 12:30-31, God first, our neighbors second.

Mowglee is actually Seth’s dog and the namesake of his company. He figured why not use the name for the company. Every day he’d be mowing grass, and certainly that’s what gave him “Glee” in his work. Put those two together and you get, “Mow Glee”! That name would certainly work. Mowglee it was!

Last spring, he started the company. It grew over the summer as the demand for his lawncare grew. A lot of his growth simply came from word of mouth. As he grew, he bought a zero-turn mower, weed whackers, and all the other equipment he needed to do a good job making his customers yards look great. Now, he’s located a good deal on a trailer to move all the equipment at one time with everything in its own place.

As fall and winter moved in, Seth’s work changed with the season, but he still had things to do. He pruned trees, mulched shrubs, and did that type of work. It was enough to keep Seth busy as well as some part-time helpers.

Seth’s company is different in several ways. First, he tries to be 100% eco-friendly. He’d read about lawn chemicals that caused cancer, so he began searching the internet for alternatives that were safe. He was able to locate weed killers, fertilizers, and others that you could put down now, and your children or pets could play on the grass immediately. “There are products out there that work just as well the very poisonous ones. They just don’t harm my customers, my staff, or me over time and they do just as good a job. I think that’s very important to be green if you can,” Seth said recently.

The other thing that Seth does that many other lawn care businesses don’t is support our local no kill animal shelter. “I support Pawmetto Lifeline because I believe in what they do. I’d like to see all animals in the Midlands have a forever home and Pawmetto is working hard to make that a reality. That’s why, several times a month, I take care of their lawn and green spaces at no cost to them,” he said. “Saving money having their yard done by me allows them to spend that money on their core mission, the animals.” For his help, Pawmetto thanks Seth on their Facebook page and that’s a good way to get the word around about Mowglee and what Seth does. “It’s a win win for both of us, “Seth concluded!

Seth Clayton is happy going to work every day. He’s doing what he enjoys, making enough to support his family, and most importantly, he’s doing his part to make a difference in the world. “What I may be doing could seem small to others, but change starts with a few people and grows from there,” Seth said. “perhaps other business leaders will join in and give or do what they can to make our world a better place!” He knows as his son grows up, he wants him to care about the people and the world around him too.

If you need some yardwork done, give Seth at Mowglee a call. You can reach Seth at 803-440-2483 or by e-mail at You can also find out more about the company by checking Seth’s website at He''ll work extra hard to keep you happy. It's really that important to Seath!

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