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Lexington County Sheriff’s deputies detain suspects after shooting on Peachtree Rock Road

Edmund, SC (Paul Kirby) - Lexington County Sheriff’s deputies are in the process of investigating an incident where multiple shots were fired on Peachtree Rock Road. This is close to the popular Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve.

Sheriff’s deputies say they caught four people firing guns in the preserve. Although it’s not illegal to fire a gun in Lexington County, there are restrictions for some properties, and you must be aware of where your rounds are falling.

A spokesperson for the department said that they have detained four people regarding the incident. Deputies and their supervisors have not decided if charges will be filed at this time.

One woman who lives on Peachtree Rock Road said that her daughter was playing when the rounds started popping off. She had her daughter get under the bed and take cover until the shooting stopped. She said that the rounds were too close to her home and she hoped that something would be done to the people who were shooting.

This case is still under investigation by the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.

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