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Springdale’s Mayor Michael Bishop to file for US Congressional seat

Springdale, SC (Paul Kirby) – Michael Bishop, the mayor of the small Lexington County town of Springdale, says he plans to file to run against Congressman Joe Wilson for the SC District 2 seat. Wilson has held that seat since 2001.

Bishop, 48, has shown strong leadership as the mayor of Springdale. While in office, he’s worked along with the council to improve their parks, streets, sidewalks and the general appearance of the town. He’s also been through the process of hiring a new police chief, passing a Hospitality Tax, and worked hard to make Springdale a model for the smaller communities in the area.

When he was first elected as mayor, he promised himself and the citizens he would only serve eight years. He is two years into his second term, and he has said he’s sticking to his word and does not plan to file for reelection due to the self-imposed term limits.

Bishop says he’s pro-life and a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment. He also describes himself as a strong conservative Republican.

He says although he and the council have put the town in a great position for the future, he feels like they are lacking in help and support from above. Bishop says he realizes that the Congress deals with national and international issues, but he believes it’s time to focus more on SC District 2. He went further saying, “I want great roads, our litter problem addressed, and money for infrastructure.”

Bishop said if he is elected, he would regularly meet with the mayors, county administrators, state representatives, and other influential members of the community on a regular basis. He wants to learn from them how he can use the power of a federal office to help empower those leaders to excel in their positions.

Bishop said he believes in limited government and doesn’t think the Washington should tell a town how to run their business. He said if he’s elected and is in Washington, he’d support the boots on the ground back in South Carolina who are making their communities a better place. “I only want to build those relationships and see how I can support them.”

He said in his release, “I personally understand those struggles. In my current position, we have roads that have been out since the 2015 flood. We have interstate interchanges and bridges that are in desperate need of repair. We have roads that are decades old in our neighborhoods. We have huge storm water drainage issues that require huge funding. We have ponds that are Category 1 danger classified, yet they aren’t being addressed. We currently don’t have anyone fighting for the betterment of our district!”

Bishop works for Clemson University in agriculture and has for 25 years. He’s also the mayor on a part-time basis. Both are positions he has said he’s ready to resign from. Bishop also owns Dust to Dust Green Burial/Nature Reserve Cemetery near Swansea. His son Luke, 20, who just returned from deployment, would take over the responsibilities at the cemetery if he’s elected. “I want to be your full-time congressman,” Bishop said.

In closing, Bishop said, “If you want this change to become a reality, please vote for me. I need your support against Joe Wilson in the upcoming primary election!” He closed by saying that he looked forward to serving the citizens in SC-2.

Bishop said if you want to know more about who he is or what his plans are, feel free to call him. You can either call his personal cell phone at (803) 920-4074 or e-mail him at

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