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County of Lexington explains rules that govern solid waste disposal as spring arrives

Lexington, SC - The Lexington County Solid Waste Management facilities at the Edmund Landfill and throughout the County's Recycling and Collection Centers are experiencing an increase in the numbers of users recently. According to the County, they believe this increase can be attributed to several current events.

In a post on their social media, a spokesperson for the county said, “We are seeing a lot of yard debris come through, which is normal for this time of year, but is exacerbated by the fact that residents are forced to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19.” Apparently, the County believes that the cure for “cabin fever” may be yardwork for many which is a plausible explanation for the uptick.

It’s always best to know before you go what you can dispose of, which site will accept your items, and what the process of disposal is. Be advised that non-Lexington County residents who utilize the County’s solid waste disposal sites may be subject to substantial fines.

Companies that wish to dispose of solid waste that they are being paid to remove by a Lexington County resident will need to take their loads to the Edmund Landfill. There, the cost of disposing of this material is calculated by weight. If you plan to regularly work in Lexington County and utilize the Edmund Landfill, you can obtain an identification sticker for your vehicle and set up an account to expedite the process of off-loading. Information about this can be found on the County of Lexington’s website in the Solid Waste section. You can find that website at this LINK.

Lexington County also provides information about any questions regarding what can be disposed of at all the county’s sites and thoroughly explains the dos and don’ts of disposing of solid waste. The disposal sites' schedules and tips on how you can compost your yard waste, can also be found on the same website. Simply visit the Lexington County Solid Waste website by following this LINK.

The county asks that residents continue to show patience and be courteous as they wait in line at any site. Please continue to adhere to social distancing rules when you dispose of yard debris, household waste and recyclables at these facilities.

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