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Another distillery helping with hand sanitizer for Cayce Public Safety

Cayce, SC (Paul Kirby) - Recently, the Cayce Department of Public Safety had the opportunity to get creative and collaborate with Southern Essence Distilling to help the City of Cayce’s first responders on the frontlines. The department didn’t have the necessary equipment to produce hand sanitizer on site. It left them with a shortage of this much needed product.

Southern Essence Distilling, their neighbors down the street, had just the thing to whip up a batch fast, good old Cayce- made alcohol! Booze brother. Now, Steel Hands Brewing has pitched in too!

Steel Hands, a brewery and pub located in Cayce, donated 300 gallons of their “mash, or fermented grains made into alcohol that's the used to make beer, to help produce the hand sanitizer also. This mash saved them precious time and resources. The finished product was donated to the Cayce Department of Public Safety.

The guys at Steel Hand said via social media that a huge part of their mission has always been to support their community. They are thankful to call the City of Cayce their home and for all those taking the ultimate risk to keep us all safe every day. In closing, the staff of Steel Hands said, “Let’s all do our part, take care of our neighbors, and get through this together.”

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