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South Congaree businessmen giving back as their way of saying thanks

South Congaree, SC (Paul Kirby) – Several South Congaree businessmen are feeding first responders and truck drivers as a way of saying thanks for keeping us going during this pandemic. Last Friday, they cooked a free hot dog lunch for all those important workers that wanted to drop by. This week, they are changing the menu to hamburgers and doing it all again.

The entire event was arranged by Bobby Jeffcoat and Teddy Huff of Jeffcoat’s Garage, Ted’s Auto Detailing, and Congaree Automotive. Of course, a few other volunteers helped too. Even though their small businesses are suffering like most, they wanted to give back to the community. That’s where the free lunches idea was born.

On Friday of last week, the pair cooked about 150 hot dog plates and made some homemade chili to go along with those. They had some individual bags of chips given to them by Steve at Steve’s Deli, and received some drinks from donors and cash from others. By 11:00 a.m. Friday, they were ready to serve.

The whole affair was held in the parking lot of the old Shealy’s PDQ at 1251 Main Street in South Congaree. By 2:00 p.m. when the cooks and their helpers were finished, they had served a lot of ambulance, fire truck, and police personnel. Jeffcoat said that a few truckers stopped by but this Friday, April 10th, when they do it all again, he’s got a bit more help getting the word out. Dan Hansen with OPTEC Digital Displays is loaning the guys his trailer with large electronic signs on each side. The Lexington Ledger has pitched in with free advertising and Delta Kilo Kutters is giving them some nice signs too.

The menu this week includes hamburgers fixed to order, a drink, dessert, and bags of chips. To all first responders and truckers that want a lunch, it’s absolutely FREE! Just pull in the parking lot, stay in your vehicle, and a runner will come to you. That runner will take your order and get your drink and chips preference. Then, they will deliver it to your vehicle using gloves and social distancing guidelines.

Remember, this is all taking place in South Congaree at 1251 Main Street. That's where Shealy's PDQ used to be and where The Lexington Ledger's office is. There's a big gravel lot to the side for any size truck.

If you’d like to donate some drinks, bags of chips, or money, stop by Jeffcoat’s Garage at 1051 Main Street in South Congaree. As long as they can afford it through donations, the guys plan to do this every Friday through the pandemic.

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