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Senator Katrina Shealy says her office is open and constituent services continue

Red Bank, SC (Paul Kirby) – SC Senator Katrina Shealy of Red Bank wants her constituents to know that although she’s having to follow social distancing rules like everyone else, her office is still open for business if you need her. Shealy, a hardworking and well-respected senator that represents much of Lexington County, has a small business she’s had to close just like many others because of the governor’s orders. That business may be closed, but her senate office isn’t “Please let people know that even though times are tough right now, as your senator I am still available,” she said Thursday afternoon to the editor of The Lexington Ledger.

Constituent services allow people who live in a political district to call their elected officials for help. That official can directly provide assistance or point the person asking for help in the right direction. She can help find answers to almost any problems that involve the state or point you to someone who can help. Most elected officials realize that calling people back or answering e-mails from the general public is a big part of their job. “This is just one of the things we do, yet it’s also one of the most important,” Shealy said. “If someone in my district has a state problem, I want them to know that their problem is my problem too.” Shealy stressed that she, her family, and her staff are all doing well but they’re being safe and following the rules just like everyone else.

If you have an issue that falls under the purview of the SC state government, Senator Shealy says you should reach out to her for help. She can be contacted at: E-mail to or by telephone (803) 212-6320. You may have to leave a message, but she will call you back.

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