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Cayce has a small sewage overflow due to blocked pipe

Cayce, SC (Paul Kirby) - The City of Cayce reported Friday that they had a sewer overflow on Karlaney Avenue. After inspecting the system, employees discovered that a blockage in a sewer main was the cause of the sewer overflow. This was a gravity sewer system line.

The overflow caused sewer to flow into Monkey Springs Creek in Cayce. SC DHEC was notified as is required by system operators.

Please call the City of Cayce for any inquiries concerning this notification at

803-796-9020 or by going to the city's website at

After reading this notice and doing some research, the staff of the Lexington Ledger found that sewer system blockages are usually caused by the system's customers. People dispose of things they shouldn't by flushing the wrong items down their toilets or pouring unacceptable things down drains. This applies to both homes and businesses.

During that research, the staff found a page from the Lexington County Joint Municipal Water and Sewer Commission that explains what can or cannot be disposed of in your local sewer system. That information can be easily found on the internet by going to Following these guidelines will not only protect your sewer system, they will also protect our environment.

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