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Mayor Steve MacDougall of Lexington offers encouragement for citizens via video post

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Lexington’s Mayor Steve MacDougall has made a video that was recently posted to the town’s social media. In it, he encourages all residents of the area to come together (virtually) during these trying times and support one another from afar.

MacDougall said that many of Lexington’s citizens are already doing things to help brighten the mood of each other. They’ve decorated mailboxes and played games. Some even have organized scavenger hunts that never require you to break social distancing guidelines. The mayor said that all of this helps to uplift the spirits of Lexington’s friends, neighbors and children during these unprecedented and frightening times. The many things they’ve arranged gives families something fun for people to do and helps entertain the area’s children while they are out of school and at home.

In that video, he not only says many times, “We’ll get through this together,” but also asks that people support the small businesses in the town. Some are open at this time with limits placed upon them. Others are closed because of orders from the governor and will definitely need everyone’s help by patronizing those businesses once they are allowed to reopen.

Please watch the video to hear this inspiring message from the mayor.

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