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Social media follower, cruise on over to County of Lexington’s pages

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Are you one of the billions of people who like to look at what’s on Facebook or Twitter regularly? You may look a little, or you may look a lot, but if you live in Lexington County, there are several pages you really need to check out regularly.

The County of Lexington’s Facebook and Twitter pages aren't necessarily like any other government page you’ve seen. Sure, you can find out what the county’s leaders are up to, agendas and such, but you can also access some good news that just might brighten your day.

If you ever wondered who answered your call for help when you dialed 911, chances are you may find that individual on the County’s pages. There’s a day each week when you can learn about someone who works for EMS, or who wins awards for being exceptional at their jobs.

There are also lots of announcements and videos you’ll probably find interesting too. From recruit firefighters being trained to their graduation ceremony when they’ve completed their basic courses, it’s on the County’s social media sites. There are important announcements and reminders about special events being held. You can see when the next rain barrel workshop is or all the reduced-price pet adoption events at the shelter; it’s all right there! It really is a great source of information for all things Lexington County.

You can find the County of Lexington’s Facebook page at and their Twitter at Check them out and remember to LIKE and follow them. I think you’ll enjoy learning more about where many of us live!

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