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Group planning big send off for Pelion High School Class of 2020

Pelion, SC (Paul Kirby) – Several Pelion High School alumni are planning a big, “Small Town” celebration for the Pelion High School’s Class of 2020. According to the owners of Sandpit Strength and Fitness, a local gym and fitness center, they want others to join them to celebrate and honor the graduates that had their senior year cut short in 2020. John and Todd said all they’re trying to do is send the students off, “With a bang and proper recognition!”

John McDonald and Todd Bolton are both graduates of PHS. Together they own Sandpit. They know that proms, senior trips, awards banquets, and the friendships made in school can be some of the best memories of a person’s life. Even though this pandemic has had people all cooped up at home e-learning they felt the graduating students shouldn’t just slip away without a special community celebration.

Now these guys have planned a Parade of Seniors for the PHS graduates. The two men will lead the way in “The Deuce,” a huge military truck that Sandpit adopted as its own parade float! On Saturday, May 9th at 11:00 a.m., they are asking all of Pelion’s high school seniors to fall in behind them in their own decorated vehicles. Together, they will all cruise through the heart of the small Lexington County town of Pelion waving to their friends, families, and supporters!

The parade will start at the recreation fields behind the branch library and Senior Citizens’ Center. Senior class members are encouraged to decorate their vehicles, blast music, or even find someone with a classic or cool car to cruise in! Once everyone is in line, the vehicles will drive through downtown and eventually end back at the starting point.

Once the parade has made it back to the fields again, individual senior class members will be recognized over a PA system.They’ll each receive a special, 1st edition Senior Parade Diploma. If you can’t make it to the parade, don’t worry. The entire parade and ceremony can be viewed live on Facebook from wherever you are! Just find Sandpit Strength and Fitness on social media.

Todd and John say this isn’t affiliated with Pelion High School or Lexington School District One at all. It’s something they just wanted to do that makes the kids feel good before heading off to colleges, universities, or jobs.

The guys want everyone to come out and watch the parade. They also want to be safe so they’re reminding everyone the rules regarding social distancing still apply. Bunch up with the people that live with you, leave some space between the next group or family, and let’s all have a parade!

Participating seniors simply call or text Todd Bolton at (803) 239-8314 or Amy McDonald at (803) 724-9631. There’s no fee to enter, they just need to know you’ll be there so they can announce your name and have that Parade Diploma ready.

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