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Local Chambers of Commerce in Chapin, Irmo, & Cayce-West Columbia ask that small business owners

Chapin, SC - In response to the recent havoc thrust upon small businesses in the community by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Greater Chapin Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Irmo Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Cayce - West Columbia Chamber of Commerce are partnering on a task force called the Partnership for Small Business Recovery. The mission of the Partnership for Small Business Recovery is to ensure that the small business economy in the smaller communities of the Midlands not only survive through the COVID-19 crisis but thrive as a result of it.

This is an unprecedented time for the collective business communities. The three Chambers of Commerce are working closely with both community leaders and business partners to communicate information and seek strategies to assist those businesses. The plan is to minimize the long-term impact of this pandemic.

The Partnership for Small Business Recovery was created to address economic issues specific to the small businesses in the Chapin, Ballentine, Irmo, Cayce, West Columbia and Springdale communities. Efforts that are included help in identifying strategies to stabilize the local economy, help the local economy recover, help ensure the continued livelihood of small business owners and their employees, to protect the investments of small business owners, and to analyze or recommend actions or policies that could improve and strengthen the local economy and opportunity for small business success in the collective communities.

The Partnership for Small Business Recovery also has two surveys to help determine readiness and comfort level regarding local, state, and federal reopening phases from business owners and community members. The Chambers ask that businesses and citizens take a minute to complete the Public Opinion Survey and (if applicable), the Business Owner Survey. You can do that by taking advantage of the links below.

All this information will be available on the website of each Chamber this week,

Together, the Chambers ask that you please share these surveys with small business owners and people that live in your communities. These two surveys will allow planners to receive data from the local businesses while also gauging how the local community will react to more businesses opening.

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