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Midlands Fatherhood Coalition raises more than $8,000 during MIDLANDS GIVES

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – The Midlands Fatherhood Coalition raised $8,248 during this week’s one-day MIDLANDS GIVES event. MIDLANDS GIVES is an opportunity for the public to make donations to non-profit charitable organizations on-line. It is heavily promoted as the right way to give knowing that your gift will go to an organization meant to do good in various ways.

During the 2020 event, over 400 charities were able to receive designated gifts from donors willing to help. On Tuesday, May 5th, citizens donated a total of $3.3 million dollars designated for the charity of their choice. It was a great year for the event and many wonderful people made it possible for these charities to continue their good works.

The Midlands Fatherhood Coalition is an organization with four offices across the state. There is one in Lexington County. According to their website at, The Midlands Fatherhood Coalition’s mission is not complicated. It is all about fathers becoming and continuing to be a part of their children’s lives. They accomplish this in many ways. These are some of the things they try to achieve while working with fathers:

They provide community-based programs and support groups for fathers, free of charge.

They help fathers connect to other services they need so they can meet their responsibilities and secure their parental rights.

They offer job coaching and employment connections that benefit fathers, their families and employers in our communities.

They are a resource for local organizations that want to provide family support and father-friendly services

The Midlands Fatherhood Coalition knows engaged fathers are the best way to get to the root of problems that effect all of us. They can make real progress toward ending poverty, reducing crime and improving outcomes for children by reconnecting them with a good father.

To find out more about the Midlands Fatherhood Coalition, go to their website at

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