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Five-year-old boy gets his own parade for his birthday

South Congaree, SC (Paul Kirby) – Five-year-old Isaac Broxton’s parents were looking for something special for his fifth birthday during the pandemic quarantine. They are residents of the South Congaree-Pine Ridge area. This year, there could be no trip to Chuck-E-Cheese’s, no Frankie’s Fun Park, or even friends over at the house for a party. They were afraid that Isaac’s birthday would be a bust this year because of the virus.

Fortunately for Isaac, he had befriended Swansea Police Sergeant Eddie Stone. Isaac and his family knew him from the time when the sergeant worked with the South Congaree PD. Sergeant Stone was contacted, and he and some friends arranged a very personal parade just for Isaac!

With the help of officers from Springdale, Pine Ridge, South Congaree, and a deputy with Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, the parade got off to a siren filled start. The officer’s cruisers were followed by a group of motorcyclists and patriots. A tow truck joined and that was followed by a group of Isaac’s friends in cars and trucks that finished out the procession. Sergeant Stone led the way in his own Swansea Police Department Pursuit Charger!

At the appointed time, Isaac and his family stood in the front yard as the parade drove slowly by. There were sirens blaring, blue lights flashing, birthday signs, and horns honking too. Many shouted Happy Birthday and some even gave Isaac presents out the windows of their vehicles. Isaac and his parents were all smiles as Stone and the others wished him well.

In a time when much of what Americans normally do for a child’s birthday is restricted, this made Isaac’s a huge success. This type of relationship between a child and the police lets the children know that law enforcement officers can be your friend and protector. Thanks to all who participated and Happy Birthday Isaac. The community wishes you many more!

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