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Lexington County introduces system to help EMS staff as they treat pediatric patients

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Lexington County utilized their social media platforms recently to introduce a new system specifically designed to help EMS employees as they interact with children in need of emergency medical care. They have been working with this system since December of last year. Since then, they’ve been training with the system and rolling it out as their employees become comfortable and well versed with all its benefits.

The system called Handtevy, was obtained through a grant with South Carolina’s DHEC. Lexington County EMS is one of many departments in the state who utilize the Handtevy System. Developed by Dr. Peter Antevy, an emergency room physician, and EMS medical director in 2006, this system is designed to ease the pressure on providers when giving medical care to children.

According to the county there are multiple components to the system. These include the jump bag, age-based pouches, a Handtevy book based off Lexington County’s current EMS protocols, and an app developed for providers to put on their smartphones. Using this app helps the providers document immediate and accurate medications and interventions.

Handtevy is used both prehospital and in hospitals across the nation, as well as internationally.

Each age-based pouch has the appropriately sized equipment like IV catheters, airways adjuncts, and various other vital equipment needed to treat children effectively. Airway adjuncts are tools and procedures used to manage someone’s airway while receiving medical care. Each kit on the truck also contains a manual that has medications and doses listed to provide exceptional care for children of various ages.

The leaders and staff of Lexington County’s EMS Department said in their post they are thankful to have received this grant and system. They’ve always supplied great medical care to children, but this system will be used to help their crews continue that when the pressure of working with young patients is really on!

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