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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let's never discount the sacrifices made during the "Forgotten War&qu

Greer, SC (Lewis Vaughn) - May is a month that honors Americas Armed Services. May 16 was Armed Forces Day and May 25 was Memorial Day. The pandemic severely limited the usual displays of patriotism. However, South Carolinians found ways to pay tribute to veterans, past and present. South Carolina, as a people have always been very supportive of our military, especially those that paid the ultimate price on the battle fields to preserve American freedoms.

The Foothills Chapter #301 of the Korean War Veterans Association (KWVA) has been raising funds to etch the names of the 576 South Carolinians who were Killed-in-Action (KIA) or were Prisoners-of-War during the Korean War, the “FORGOTTEN WAR” in a WALL OF REMEMBRANCE in Washington, D. C. Lexington County had 17, one, Earl Jackson Smith was awarded the Silver Star, and one, William m. Wightman was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. The goal for Lexington County is $5,950. We have receive $2,550.00 in contributions from Lexington County to date. We have reached out to community leaders in Lexington County, written letters to Lexington County newspapers, communicated with elected officials, etc. If we can just get the word out I believe the people of Lexington County would financially support engraving the names of their residents who sacrificed their lives in that long ago and “FORGOTTEN WAR” the WALL OF REMEMBRANCE in D. C. Help us honor these men by engraving their names on the WALL OF REMEMBRANCE. Our goal for South Carolina is $200,000. We have raised $140,000 thus far. We want to thank all those who have already contributed.

We know the pandemic has caused hardships for many families. But for those who can, please consider making a tax deductible donation to help us meet the goals for Lexington County and SC. This should have been done decades ago. We are leading all states thus far. Please help us get there first.

Make checks payable to: “KWVA Foothills Chapter #301. In the “FOR” area write WALL OF REMEMBRANCE or WOR. Due to the pandemic caused restrictions, and to save trips to the PO, please mail the checks to our Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs. Cynthia Perry, Secretary & Treasurer, KWVA Foothills Chapter #301, 150 Middleton Park Lane, Moore, SC 29369.

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