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Lexington Police Department needs help finding grocery shoppers who just strolled out without paying

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – The shoplifters didn’t take a summer break at this grocery store in Lexington. These women thought they could go into a store, take what they wanted, and just skip the last little detail like paying! We pay, you pay, why shouldn’t they have to pay their fair share too?

These two shoplifters went into the Lowe’s Food market on Sunset Boulevard on June 3, 2020. They selected numerous items they wanted, placed them into shopping bags, and left without paying for the groceries. They took expensive meats, sodas, just about everything a regular family would want, they just took for free!

The store’s cameras got some great shots of them. The woman in the black shirt has a visible tattoo on her left calf/ankle area. She may also still be wearing the distinctive looking chain around her neck.

Both women left together in a late model Hyundai sedan. It looks to be gray or silver. Look closely for yourself and you be the judge.

If you have information about who these women are or know anything about this case, please contact Detective Corporal Currier at 803-359-2067. Now, they need to do more than pay for the groceries; The duo also need to explain to a judge why they think they’re different than anyone else.

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