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Many Lexington County residents can enjoy “Christmas in June” thanks to SCDOT’s Pavement Improvement

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) - Lexington County rejoice! It’s “Christmas in June” for many residents thanks to the multiple Lexington County roads that are included on the SCDOT’s 2020-2021 Pavement Improvement Program list.

Earlier in the week, the SCDOT released their list of major road improvement projects included in their 10-year plan to redo, repair, or replace deficiencies on SC’s roads, interstates, and highways. All these projects are funded through the gas tax increase passed by lawmakers several years ago.

Although that list had some major projects on it for Lexington County, there was no regular resurfacing or repaving of the feeder roads that might lead you to and from the major thoroughfares that get you to work, shopping, or just away from where you live. Friday, the SCDOT released their 2020-2021 Pavement Improvement Program list and your pothole ridden road just may be on it and approved for some tender loving care from the SCDOT in the coming year!

This is great news for people who have been wondering if the 10-year plan was going to do anything for the roads close to their homes. Some local roads have so many potholes that drivers complain their cars are damaged or it’s like a game of Frogger just trying to bob and weave around all the hazardous holes. SCDOT’s crews would patch them with asphalt but after every hard rain, the patches would be gone, and the holes would be right back again. Mike Bagley, the SCDOT’s district maintenance engineer for Lexington County has said in the past after a rain storm, he knows his phone is going to begin ringing with citizens calling to report or complain about the holes in their roads.

This latest list has three categories of roads on it. They are Major Roads/Primaries, Farm to Market Secondaries, and Neighborhood Streets. Many of the Major Roads/Primaries projects were on the list released earlier that was the 2020-2021 10-year plan. That list certainly had well thought out and necessary projects on it but, It’s the Farm to Market Secondaries Roads and Neighborhood Streets included on Friday’s list that could bring a smile to your face and some relief for your vehicle’s suspension. Some very familiar roads on that list are Fish Hatchery Road, Woodtrail Drive, Kitti Wake Drive, and Collumwood Circle. This is just a few!

To see the entire list of roads in all three of the categories above, click the link below to open the list in .PDF format. Most smart phones, tablets, and computers should easily open that file. You can even choose to print the list if you like. Every county in the state is on the list alphabetically but to save you some time, scroll down to Page 35 to see just Lexington County. LINK TO: SCDOT’s 2020-2021 Pavement Improvement Program list

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