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Coastal Evacuation Reversal Exercise to take place on I-26 today

Lexington County, SC (Paul Kirby) – The SCDOT, the South Carolina Highway Patrol, and a number of other law enforcement and governmental agencies will hold a Coastal Evacuation Reversal Exercise on many of the highways and interstates leading from South Carolina’s coastal areas today, June 25, 2020. I-26 will be one that will be the most noticeable to residents and motorists of Lexington County.

These agencies will simulate reversing I-26 from Charleston to I-77 near Cayce and Dixiana in this area. Many other highways will be included in other parts of the state if Lexington County residents plan to travel east toward the coast anytime today.

You may notice patrol cars from a number of agencies including the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department with their emergency lights flashing at exit and entrance ramps to the interstate throughout the day. Planners say this should not have any affect on the normal flow of traffic on I-26 or any other roads involved elsewhere. This is just a training exercise simulating what would be done if a hurricane or some other disaster forced the governor to order the evacuation of South Carolina’s coastline.

This is a one-day exercise and should be finished well before dark.

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