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UPDATE: Swansea Police Department officers questioning burglary suspects that are now in custody

Swansea, SC (Paul Kirby) – Not long after the Swansea Police Department asked for the public to pitch in and give them a helping hand identifying the suspects from a burglary, the two young men detailed in this story were arrested. According to an officer with the Swansea Police Department, Richland County Sheriff's Deputies stopped a stolen vehicle, and these two were in it. Swansea officers were enroute to Richland County late Monday to interview the two suspects. It is believed that some of the evidence from the Swansea burglary may have been recovered when the stolen car was stopped by the RCSD.

According to the Swansea Police Department, these two young men are suspected of burglarizing a local liquor store in town. They made off with multiple bottles of alcohol. Perhaps they didn’t know that while they were doing this, the store’s surveillance system was just rolling on taking some great footage of them in action. One young fellow forgets to put his mask on and looks straight into the camera before realizing he’s being photographed. At that point, it’s was a little futile for him to hide his face when he finally spotted the camera!

Eventually, the pair broke some windows and were caught on camera stuffing their loot in a book bag. They just reached inside the store and took what they could reach. They took several half gallon liquor bottles and stuffed them in that bag. They got plenty by the time they had driven away.

The two fled in a dark minivan. Swansea police officers responded and quickly began an investigation into the crime. They asked the public to help early Monday morning and by later that afternoon, the pair were in custody in Richland County

We are requesting more from the Swansea Police Department on when the duo may be returned to Lexington County to face charges. We will do our best to keep you up to date as we learn more.

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