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Local businesses go all out to show their love of our country on July 4th

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) - Many local businesses go all out on the Fourth of July to show their spirit of patriotism and love for our country on Independence Day. They use red, white, and blue, the colors most identified with America, to decorate. Whether it’s flags, banners, or something else, owners want the public to know they’re proud to be Americans working in the greatest country on earth!

One business that goes all out on the Fourth of July is Moseley’s Funeral & Cremations Services on Meeting Street in West Columbia. Every year, Greg Moseley, his family, and staff tasteful adorn their property located on a beautiful lot that has a wonderful chapel under stately oaks with American flags and lots of red, white, and blue. It’s all very tastefully done but according to Moseley, it’s worth every dime and drop of sweat shed as they work in the hot summer sun to get it just right.

In a recent interview with The Lexington Ledger, Greg Moseley said, “We think it’s important to show the community we love this country and we love them. Eventually, every American must deal with a business like ours, so we try to keep our Fourth of July display tasteful. To us, it’s all about respect. We help families honor and respect their loved ones. We do that with as much dignity and grace as possible. With our holiday display, we also want to say that this is such a wonderful country to live and do business in. Isn’t it great to be free to start your own business and have your family help you build it right here in the U.S.A.? It’s like no other country in this world!” Moseley said.

Moseley says one of his most somber services is any that involves a veteran. He’s done many of those. He said whether the veteran they’re honoring fought in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, in one of the wars in the Middle East, or just supported others who were fighting, they are all special to him. “These people fought and risked their lives for someone else’s freedoms no matter what conflict they were in or were prepared to ship out to. They all deserve that extra level of respect to celebrate their passing,” Moseley said. “When we are serving a veteran, the flag draped across their coffin reminds me of all the men and women who sacrificed since that first War of Independence back in 1776. It’s a symbol of freedom yes, but it’s also a symbol of sacrifice. From those 13 first colonies to the 50 states now, I remember that each of those colonies or states have contributed by giving of their sons and daughters to fight so we can make our own choices today. If there’s a 21-gun salute, it still brings a tear to my eyes and I have dealt with many tragedies in my career that would bring most to tears. Still, none affects me like these. It’s just so fitting that the military cares enough to send that team to honor one of their own; it’s beautiful every time.”

Moseley’s Funeral & Cremation Services is a small, family owned business. Greg’s family lives in the Midlands and much of his family works in the business. He says being locally owned makes a difference to him. “We love the people of this area and love treating them with the utmost respect and dignity, they are our neighbors!”

According to, there are approximately 4.8 million businesses just like Moseley’s in the U.S.A. They employ fewer than 50 people each and are the backbone of our business communities. Many are family owned and were started by families with the American dream and a lot of hard work.

To see Moseley’s Funeral & Cremation Service’s Fourth of July display, go by their West Columbia Chapel at 914 Meeting Street in West Columbia, SC.

Moseley's Funeral Home decked out for July 4th

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