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Lexington County residents should know the law before riding in the bed of a pickup truck

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Occasionally, as the months get warmer and families and friends travel to one function or another, the question of whether riding in the bed of a pickup truck is legal or illegal comes up. Many older residents of Lexington County grew up traveling with family and friends doing this every day. It was common for a parent or teen to run a route with their truck picking up other kids who were headed to bible school, some sports practice, camp, or just about any other activity that was popular during the warm weather months.

For many, it was a completely different time. Seatbelts were something that was always stuck behind your seat and a parent’s outstretched arm was your only safety restraint if a quick stop was warranted. The passengers in the bed of the truck would laugh, sing silly songs, or tell jokes as they rode with the wind blowing through their hair. Occasionally, you had to duck a bug or end up with it on your face, between your teeth, or in your hair, That was sure to bring a laugh from everyone else who was lucky enough to duck just in time.

So, is it still legal to ride in the back of pickup truck in 2020? SC State Sr. Trooper David Jones, a lifelong resident of Lexington County, has posted to his Twitter page a short video that explains the law regarding that practice. At the end, the trooper stresses that no matter what, riding in the bed of a truck is unsafe. You have no protection around you and there are no safety restraints to hold you in place in the event of a collision.

Watch the video here to learn the facts and be legal before you ride:

To see and read the entire law, go to and read code 56-5-3900.

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