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The City of Cayce uses police K-9 and some humor to spread the word about using a face covering prop

Cayce, SC (Paul Kirby) – Although feelings are mixed about government’s mandates that say one must cover their face in public, most would have to honestly admit that the City of Cayce’s method of spreading the word about how to properly wear a face covering is hands down the winner for funny yet informative teaching. Many of us have seen folks wearing a mask under their nose, under their chin, and any number of ways that certainly doesn’t provide any protection at all. That’s why the Cayce Department of Public Safety’s K-9 Officer Athos took a little time from his busy schedule to teach everyone how to wear a face covering properly!

In their photo array, officers from Cayce provided photos of Athos wearing a face covering correctly. Then, Athos demonstrated how citizens and officers have observed people doing this the wrong way. It really doesn’t matter whether you like wearing a mask or not, this is just funny and is obviously a lighthearted way of teaching a serious topic.

Everyone should join the City of Cayce and thank K-9 Officer Athos for taking the time to teach this valuable lesson. With his skills and teaching experience, perhaps Athos could become a substitute teacher at any of the great schools around the city. We hear he’s an expert in foreign languages. Athos is trilingual; he is fluent in not just English but also German and Dog!

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