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South Congaree Police Chief Shumpert says that at this point shooting was in self defense

South Congaree, SC (Paul Kirby) – South Congaree Police Chief Josh Shumpert said on Thursday, July 23, 2020 that a shooting that happened near the 500 block of Ramblin Road on June 14th of this year has at this point been ruled an act of self-defense. Shumpert said this was decided after all the evidence gathered by crime scene technicians from the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department was analyzed and the statements of all involved or any who witnessed the incident were thoroughly reviewed.

Chief Shumpert said his department appreciated the assistance of the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department and Eleventh Circuit Solicitor Rick Hubbard’s office for their tremendous cooperation in the case. “Sheriff Koon’s office and the Solicitor’s Office staff sat down with us and we looked at everything that was gathered on the case; We all combed through it very carefully. After that review, we all agreed that at this time, we just don’t have enough evidence of a crime being committed to charge anyone. It was a tragic incident, but the shots were fired in self-defense.” Chief Shumpert did say that if any new evidence surfaced in the future that shed a different light on the situation, it would be reviewed, and charges could be brought depending on that evidence.

Chief Shumpert had said in June that the shooting happened because of a long running property dispute. Apparently, the same vehicle was being claimed by two people and it came to a head that day. One man was shot and transported to a local hospital. His condition was serious, but he was expected to survive.

The day of the shooting Chief Shumpert, who is an experienced investigator who worked his way up through the South Congaree Department before becoming chief, asked for assistance from the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department’s Crime Scene unit. Shumpert’s department is substantially smaller than the LCSD and has the knowledge but not the equipment necessary to process a crime scene of this nature. “We have always had great working relationship with Sheriff Koon and his department,” Chief Shumpert said. “We appreciate the assistance they provided and their willingness to work through this case cooperating with the staff of the Solicitor Hubbard’s office.”

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