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County of Lexington releases 2020 Floodplain Management Plan showing progress

Lexington, S.C. - The County of Lexington’s Land Development Division has released the 2020 Floodplain Management Plan report outlining the progress made in mitigating the potential flooding hazards throughout the County.

The report lists 22 action items identified by County officials and residents that were published in the 2017 Floodplain Management Plan as important steps in addressing how the County will prepare for future potential flooding events, like the one experienced in October 2015.

“We are continuing to work diligently to prepare our County for future potential disasters,” Lexington County Council Chairman Scott Whetstone said. “The floods of October 2015 were a stark reminder that we are not immune to natural disasters in Lexington County. However, we can be prepared by taking as many preventative measures as possible and working together.”

In 2019, 11 of 19 repetitive-loss properties were identified and are in the process of being purchased by Lexington County through the use of federal Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery funds. These properties are in the process of being returned to their natural green state, so that natural floodplain functions can resume.

Federal law mandates that the structures on these properties be demolished and the land be returned to its natural, green state. No permanent structures can be built on the property.

In May 2019, the County’s Public Works department purchased a remote-controlled pipe camera through their annual budget, allowing officials to identify clogged or damaged underground stormwater pipes. By March 2020, the camera has been used in 40 locations throughout the County, examining a total of 6,975-feet of underground stormwater utility pipes.

Additionally, three bridges maintained by the County are also being redesigned and replaced to help lessen the future potential of flooding and damage from flood waters. The work for these bridges is anticipated to go out for competitive bidding within the next six months.

Lexington County residents can find the full 2020 Floodplain Management Plan Progress Report, as well as the County’s Floodplain Management Plan, on the County’s website at

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