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Capital City Lake Murray Country unveils museum remodel and new display during annual board meeting

Lake Murray, SC (Paul Kirby) – Capital City Lake Murray Country unveiled a major remodel of the museum at their office and the Lake Murray Visitor’s Center Thursday afternoon. This was done during their annual board of director’s meeting that was held on the beautiful grounds of the historic Lorick Plantation House on North Lake Drive right at the Lake Murray Dam.

The museum was a part of the Visitor’s Center that hadn’t undergone a major revamp in decades. Although still very informative and inclusive of a number of one of a kind items from the era when the Lake Murray Dam was built and the lake was formed, much of it was in black and white and in desperate need of a splash of color.

Capital City Lake Murray Country Regional Tourism District’s President & CEO Miriam Atria and her staff came up with the new design concept to save on cost. The did a magnificent job as Atria has always been a visionary and her staff is known for being able to take vision and bring it to reality.

Not only is the visitor center much brighter and more modern but it has now been done in eye-catching colors that immediately brighten the rooms and your day. The museum includes a panel for each of the four counties that are encompassed in the CCLMC tourism district. These panels include highlights of all the wonderful things to see and do in Lexington, Richland, Newberry, and Saluda counties.

There are new large screen televisions playing scenes from the modern-day lake and one that takes you back in time to show a steam shovel actually digging the earthworks that became the Lake Murray dam.

The large fish aquarium still sits just inside the entranceway but now there is a new chart that displays, describes, and explains the characteristics of each species of fish that can be caught in Lake Murray. The gift shop has been restocked with bright items and there are new boat flags that’s a must have for every resident and visitor who sails the waves of the big water or enjoys the glass smooth surfaces on other parts of Lake Murray as the captain of their own ship.

During the unveiling, Board Chair Jimmy Chao thanked the entire staff for their hard work and the amazing accomplishments they’ve had over the past 12 months despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on travel and tourism. Despite limitations, Atria and her staff have accomplished much.

Atria took a few minutes to list the unbelievable work of her staff as they landed more articles in national and international publications over the last year than ever before. Forty articles have been published since March alone and one that featured the Congaree National Park had 2 billion media impressions. The staff has also landed several major events like the Collegiate Bass Championship scheduled for May of 2021 and the USA World Bass Championship that will be held the following November. These will generate over 2,800 plus lodging room nights as a result of events such as this coming to town.

South Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District Congressman Joe Wilson took the mic at one point to make a few remarks. Then, the crowd gathered on the lawn returned to the cool of the visitor center’s interior where a beautiful blue ribbon was snipped making the new exhibit officially opened.

It was a wonderful event and one can’t help but be impressed with the full list of accomplishments the small CCLMC staff has achieved. You can see more about all these things at the website which will also be revamped by January of 2021.

The Capital City Lake Murray Country Regional Tourism District's offices and visitors' center is located at 2184 NORTH LAKE DRIVE, COLUMBIA, SC, 29212. It can be reached by telephone at 1-866-SC-JEWEL.

See their entire list of accomplishments over the past 12 months by following this link.

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