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Lexington County retailers have high hopes for boost in sales during tax free weekend

Lexington County, SC (Paul Kirby) – Lexington County retailers are optimistic about a bump in sales now that back-to-school dates are being set and South Carolina’s Tax-Free Weekend is upon us. Most have already seen positive sales on many items since the pandemic began and people have flooded stores as an escape from the confines of home.

Tax-Free Weekend has happened for years in SC now and some parents anxiously await three-day weekend to buy their children’s back-to-school items like the supplies on the lengthy list from the school or new clothes. These shoppers usually include the bargain hunters that want to save a few dollars in any way they can or enjoy the thrill of the hunt for the very best deals.

Others use it to save but do their shopping on-line to realize the savings while skipping the trip to the store and long waits at the checkout. Then, there are some who completely ignore it saying it’s not worth the longer lines to save those pennies on the dollar or they just aren’t going to splurge on items they buy throughout the year as the need for that merchandise arises.

No matter where you land in these shopper demographics, if you are in the market for any items that’s on the list of approved, tax-free merchandise, now may be the weekend to buy it. While a few pennies on the dollar may not seem like much, your higher cost items like laptops, shoes, and accessories can provide a significant savings if you buy it now.

To find out exactly what’s selling without sales taxes during this weekend, follow this link to SC Department of Revenue’s list of tax-free items. SCDOR List

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