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The Pelion Police Department is hoping the public can help identify a burglar who broke into the tow

Pelion, SC (Pal Kirby) – Officers with the Pelion Police Department are hoping that someone will recognize a man or the vehicle he was driving when he burglarized Shumpert’s IGA earlier this week. Lead investigator Lt. John Rebolj had said Thursday afternoon that the man smashed his way into the grocery store at 861 Pine Street in Pelion earlier that day. He then took some small items he could grab quickly, things like cigarettes, before fleeing in a vehicle.

Now, Lt. Rebojl has done as he said he would when he gave his first interview Thursday. He released video footage of the burglary in progress. It clearly shows the suspect who perpetrated the crime on Thursday, August 13, 2020 at about 4:00 a.m. Lt. Rebojl also said the vehicle the burglar used to make his escape can be clearly seen in some of the video.

The man appears to be black and has his entire head shaven clean. He was wearing a light-colored PPE mask to obscure his face. He had on blue jeans shorts with a stripe that had words on it going down the seam on each side. He was also wearing a black “wife beater” t-shirt, and blue NIKE tennis shoes.

The man smashed a window into the foyer and then into the store with what appears to be the scissors jack from his car. He quickly ran to the service counter, grabbed what he wanted and could easily carry away, and then fled quickly before the first law enforcement officer could arrive. This all happened in a very short amount of time.

The suspect was last seen in the video leaving the scene in a purplish/blue vehicle. It was sloped in the front but then just abruptly changes to a very flat hatchback. The police believe that if you see it, you’ll recognize it again.

If anyone has any information on the identity of this suspect, please contact Inspector Lieutenant John Rebolj or Officer Odell Glenn at (803) 894-2510. You can reach them when they are on-duty through their dispatch number as well. That is (803) 785-2521. You can also email Inspector Lieutenant Rebojl tips at One way or another, if you have any idea who this man is or where this vehicle can be found, please contact the police and make that tip.

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