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In tumultuous times, sheriff’s deputy’s good deed appreciated by citizen

Lexington County, SC (Paul Kirby) – While across much of America some citizens are vilifying many law enforcement officers for the bad or inappropriate actions of a few, one woman recently took to social media to thank a Lexington County sheriff’s deputy that came to her assistance even when no one was breaking any laws. According to Lasharon Badger, Deputy Scott of the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department recently did a good deed that got her on the road again after she became stranded by a problem with her car.

Badger was in a bit of a bind after finding that she had a flat tire on her vehicle. It was after dark, had recently rained, and she wasn’t all that familiar with the process of changing a tire. That’s when a knight in shining armor, in this case Sheriff’s Deputy Scott of Lexington County, pulled up in his modern-day equivalent of a trusty stead. In Deputy Scott’s case, that was a white Chevrolet Tahoe police cruiser with the star and logo of the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department on the door.

Seeing that Badger was in a bind, Scott immediately helped her get out all the necessary tools, knelt down on the wet ground in his uniform, and quickly put on Badger’s spare to get her on her way. While doing this, Scott told Badger about a job she might check on after he learned in conversation that the business she worked for was about to close and lay everyone off.

Certainly, there are millions of great law enforcement officers across the US every day doing what they do. They put their lives on the line to protect citizens, provide lifesaving first aid, referee arguments of all types, and even change a few tires when someone is stranded at night. Badger said she wanted to give a big shout out to Deputy Scott for coming to her rescue and being there when she needed him, even if it was just to change a tire.

Badger took a video of Scott while he was working and had his back to her. She knew he wasn’t giving her a hand for the accolades, she just felt like everyone should know that Lexington County’s public servants are doing just that, serving the public in any way they can.

If you bump into a deputy or police officer in Lexington County anytime soon, please tell them how much you appreciate them. These men and women put on the uniform every day and report to duty so that we can rest easy knowing that everyone is protected. In Lasharon Badger’s case, she just needed to be protected from being stranded in the dark with a disabled car.

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