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Long time public servant hangs up his equipment and retires last Friday from Cayce’s DPS

Cayce, SC (Paul Kirby) - Charles D. “Doug” Bramlett of the Cayce Department of Public Safety retired last Friday after serving the citizens of Cayce, Pine Ridge, South Carolina, and the United States for many years. He last served as a detective and his last duties were often seen by thousands even though most never knew it was Detective Bramlett who was communicating with them through his skills as a video producer.

Doug began serving the public in the United States Air Force. He served for nearly 8 years. While in the Air Force, he served in the Presidential Airlift Group, the team that protects Air Force One.

After leaving the US Air Force, Doug started his career in public safety or law enforcement. Doug began at the Cayce Department of Public Safety in 2007 and in just a few years was promoted to the rank of corporal. While serving as a corporal, Doug was an assistant shift supervisor in the patrol division.

A few years later, Doug accepted a position with the Town of Pine Ridge Police Department. Pine Ridge, a much smaller department, helped Doug develop and solidify his knowledge of investigations. Because Pine Ridge only has a few officers, Doug often found himself in the position of answering a call for service and then dealing with the follow-up investigation through their prosecution.

At Pine Ridge, Doug’s passion for investigations grew and he eventually accepted a position as a Medicaid fraud investigator with the SC Attorney General’s office. This allowed him to follow up on cases where citizens or businesses were defrauding South Carolina’s taxpayers by scamming a system intended to provide healthcare for the poor and infirm.

In August of 2016, Doug returned to the Cayce Department of Public Safety. As a detective, Doug’s duties had him producing commercials about crimes and the wanted ads that featured photos of crimes or people or vehicles of interest in criminal cases. This has helped as Cayce enlisted the public in their efforts to solve cases and reduce crimes before they happen.

Most recently, Doug worked all the major crime scenes. Doug also served as a firearms instructor and fingerprint examiner. In the past year, Doug has trained most of the patrol division in latent print development. Because of his work, Cayce’s front line officers have been able to recognize and collect latent prints from crime scenes.

According to a statement issued by the City of Cayce and the Cayce Department of Public Safety, Doug’s knowledge and hard work will be missed by many. In closing, the department said, “Congratulations on reaching the finish line!”

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