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Congressman Wilson presented books authored by popular Pelion SRO during police department visit

Pelion, SC (Paul Kirby) – Thursday morning, Officer Odell Glenn, better known to the students of the Pelion area elementary schools as Officer O.G., presented Congressman Joe Wilson (SC 2) with a copy of each of the books he’s authored for elementary age children over the past year. Officer Glenn is the school resource officer (SRO) at Pelion and Forts Pond Elementary School. He works full-time as a patrol officer for the Pelion Police Department when school is not in session.

Officer Glenn’s book series is called The Adventures of Officer O.G. School Cop. According to Officer Glenn, each book in the series is designed to teach school age children the purpose of having police officers in their school. Glenn said that each book deals with some of the issues that children may face during their elementary years.

The series currently features two books. The first book deals with why a school has a police officer on campus and how they make schools safer while building relationships between police officers and students. The second focuses on the negative impact of tampering with the school’s fire alarm system. Glenn's books explain how pulling the alarm can affect a multitude of people, a student’s fellow classmates, the school's staff, and the public servants who respond when called to the false alarm. Subsequent books will be geared toward preparing students for other pertinent safety issues like strangers on campus and severe weather while children are at school.

Congressman Wilson has been making a circuit across SC District 2 this week delivering baskets of peaches to each of its police department as his way of saying thanks for all their officers have done during the COVID-19 pandemic. The peaches came from Titan Farms in Ridge Spring, South Carolina. They are absolutely huge! His delivery coincided with Officer Glenn’s presentation and Congressman Wilson said he was proud to receive the books as a gift while honoring officers like Odell Glenn who give of themselves so freely when American is dealing with the coronoavirus crisis.

While in Pelion, Congressman Wilson took a few minutes to speak with Police Chief Mike Crider, Lt. John Rebolj, Town Clerk Janice Poole, Mayor Frank Shumpert, and Town Councilmen Larry Sossaman and Daniel Shumpert. He also posed for pictures with everyone. Wilson talked for a moment about his pride in the people of Lexington County and the good conservative values they stand for and believe.

Wilson said that Friday morning, he would be flying back to Washington to face the partisan agenda of the US House once again as Congress has been called to return by the speaker for a special session on several issues. With the continued support of the people of House District 2 and Lexington County, Congressman Wilson said he would continue to fight the good fight for his constituents and continue to work with other conservatives and moderates to hold the line against the “Progressive” liberal agenda of the left.

You can find officer Glenn's books for sale on Amazon by Googling: The Adventures of Officer O.G. School Cop.

Pictures: L to R Top Row - Congressman Joe Wilson & Officer Odell Glenn - Congressman Joe Wilson & Officer Odell Glenn share a laugh - Congressman Joe Wilson, Lt. john Rebolj, Chief Mike Crider, & Officer Odell Glenn

Pictures L to R Bottom Row - Pelion Town Councilman Larry Sossaman, Congressman Joe Wilson, Town Clerk Janice Poole, Mayor Frank Shumpert, & Councilman Daniel Shumpert - Congressman Joe Wilson delivers Titan Farm peaches to the Pelion Police Department - Mayor Frank Shumpert & Councilman Daniel Shumpert.

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