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Lowe’s Foods coming to Chapin

Chapin, SC (Paul Kirby) – The Bi-Lo located at 1419 Chapin Road is set to become a Lowe’s Foods grocery store sometime next year. The sale of the Bi-Lo to Lowe’s should be completed later this fall and the transformation of the store probably will not be completed until next year according to a company spokesman.

Lowe’s Foods, based in Winston-Salem, NC, is an all-inclusive grocer with many high-end services you simply don’t find in other stores. Their floor plans are laid out so that the shopper has all the essential grocery items in the center of the retail space. These include everything you’d find in most other high-end stores like Publix, but there’s great quality store brands available that are priced very reasonably too. They also stock a greater variety of items to choose from than your average grocer.

The real difference at Lowe’s Foods is the outer or perimeter ring and what’s taking place there. There are lots of various activities and that’s what really sets Lowe’s Foods apart.

In the produce section, you will find all the essentials as in other stores. Unlike many other produce sections though, Lowe’s Foods offers a fresh, cut your own herb garden where the shopper can snip off any quantity and variety of these as they grow right in a special spot established just for them. Of course, they have tomatoes and other garden vegetables of all types, but they also have cherry size tomato displays that feature many varieties of those which are of the heirloom varieties. Shoppers can taste these, settle on what they like, and then fill their own plastic container with either one type they love, or by mixing and matching a number of varieties that appeal to them. These containers are then sold by weight.

Much of the other produce is locally sourced if possible and Lowe’s deals with local growers to get the freshest items possible in the produce section for their shoppers to purchase. You’ll find that much of the produce that you buy at Lowe’s was grown in the soils of either Lexington or neighboring counties. Those items are often SC Certified, and the grower’s name is included in the particular produce display.

Continue on from produce and you will eventually come upon their own in-store Smokehouse. This has selections like pulled pork, ribs, spiral sliced hams, and bacon. These meats are often prepared in store and you can buy a single sandwich of BBQ or in bulk to take home. The smell coming from this prep area is what you’d expect from a smokehouse. The aroma of meats on a grill permeates the air with the perfume of whatever is currently cooking. It’s wonderful!

Their Meat Shoppe is also exceptional. Here they feature specialty meats like in-house made sausages of various varieties. They also have beef, cold cuts, pork, chicken, and lamb. They even will cut you off a steak of any size from their stock of grass fed, Certified Angus, USDA choice, or 28-day dry aged beefs.

The seafood section is just as exceptional with a large variety of fresh fish, shrimp, lobsters and more. The tuna is beautiful but if that’s not your taste, you can buy salmon by the steak or a whole fillet. You can get a little or a lot of anything and there’s always a friendly employee there to serve you or offer suggestions on how to prepare what you select.

Of course, there’s a bakery that’s cranking all day with breads, rolls, and other items of every type and variety. Here again, the smell is heavenly. They also have beautiful specialty cakes and cupcakes for any occasion and trained staff members who are artisans when it comes to decorating.

There’s a salad bar with many items for your selection and not far away, sushi is being hand rolled as people watch. Selections are the standard favorites like a Spicy Tuna Roll or something more exotic you may want to try.

They stock a large wine selection that includes varieties from economy up to the higher end vintages. They regularly run wine specials and you can follow there on-line presence for these. They even have an in-store Beer Den with the finest selection of crafts and drafts brews available. Patrons can enjoy tasting different beers at a beer bar and then buy a growler to have filled and carry home after they’ve decided on what they like.

Lowe’s Foods isn’t just shopping, for many it’s a destination. The prices are reasonable but the selection and service is unlike other store one could patronize for their staples or their “treat yourself right” items.

You can learn more about Lowe’s Foods at

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