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Chapin Elementary School cancels LEAP days this week after intern’s positive COVID-19 test

Chapin, SC (Paul Kirby) - Chapin Elementary School cancelled its LEAP days this week to deep clean after a university intern tested positive for COVID-19. This, according to a spokesperson for Lexington / Richland School District 5. District officials say they were notified of the positive test on September 1, 2020.

According to the district, the portions of the school that have been used most recently by the intern have been isolated and are being deep cleaned and disinfected. District officials have also been in contact with the SC Department of Health & Environmental (DHEC) control regarding this issue.

In addition to the LEAP days, device pickups scheduled for the remainder of the week have also been canceled.

According to the SC Department of Education, this year the South Carolina General Assembly provided for five additional instructional days at the start of the school year for students in grades 4K through eighth grade. These five days have been identified as Learn, Evaluate, Analyze, and Prepare (LEAP) days. All students in these grades do not have to go through the LEAP process. These days are specifically geared toward students with significant learning gaps or specialized needs.

District 5 officials have said they are still planning to begin school on September the 8th, 2020. Confirmation that that will be the official start date of the 2020/21 school year will be confirmed one day next week.

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