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38 Lexington Two students qualify for South Carolina Seal of Biliteracy

West Columbia, SC 05/18/2022 - Thirty-eight Lexington Two high school students qualified for the South Carolina Seal of Biliteracy, an award from the SC Department of Education that recognizes students who have attained proficiency in English and another language by graduation.

Students are recognized for their levels of mastery in testing, with gold being the highest. The Seal of Biliteracy may appear on the student’s diploma or a separate certificate, and it may include a notation that appears on a graduating senior’s transcript.

Among the Lexington Two students recognized:

Airport High School

Janet Alarcon Bautista (Spanish, silver)

Stephanie Bornios Gonzalez (Spanish, bronze)

Alejandra Gabino Hernandez (Spanish, silver)

Brianna Nicole Cruz (Spanish, silver)

Carlos Lopez Lopez (Spanish, silver)

Melissa Mar Morales (Spanish, silver)

Jocelyne Martinez Miravete (Spanish, silver)

Jennifer Diaz Montalvo (Spanish, silver)

Geraldine Paniagua Ilagor (Spanish, silver)

Daniel Perez Martinez (Spanish, silver)

Karina Ponce Vargas (Spanish, bronze)

Dayanara Arellano Bernal (Spanish, silver)

Jacob Kaminski (Polish, bronze)

Antonia Alvarez (Spanish, silver)

Kaley Contreras Silva (Spanish, bronze)

Lineth Castillo Ortega (Spanish, gold)

Monserrat Diaz Mendez (Spanish, silver)

Elisabeth Gonzalez Linares (Spanish, silver)

Brittany Rafael Perez (Spanish, silver)

Brookland-Cayce High School

Dainery Hernandez Oseguera (Spanish, gold)

Irene Hernandez (Spanish, bronze)

Atzhiri Torres Castanon (Spanish, bronze)

Ilia Martinez Ramos (Spanish, silver)

Louis Mouhteros (Spanish, bronze)

Abel Zuniga Hernandez (Spanish, silver)

Brandon Jimenez Cortez (Spanish, bronze)

Antonio Culebro Pacheco (Spanish, bronze)

Brayan Alvarenga Alvarenga (Spanish, bronze)

Luis Agudo Colon (Spanish, silver)

Morgan Swygert (Latin, bronze)

Amanda Lam (Latin, silver)

Sydney Springs (Latin, bronze)

Tara O’Toole (Latin, bronze)

Abigail Boone (Latin, bronze)

Margaret Caldwell (Latin, bronze)

Marya Sherzad (Dari, gold)

Massooma Al-Rshim (Arabic, bronze)

Sahrish Ahmad (Hindi, silver)

The Lexington Two students will be recognized at the May 19 board meeting.

The South Carolina Seal of Biliteracy advances the state's commitment to preparing every learner for college- and career-readiness in an increasingly international community, according to the SC Department of Education. The majority of U.S. states and Washington D.C. have approved Seals of Biliteracy.


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