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Bobby Porter vying for re-election in tomorrow's South Congaree Municipal Election

South Congaree, SC 04/04/2022 (Paul Kirby) – South Congaree Councilmember Bobby Porter will be on the ballot vying for reelection in tomorrow’s Town of South Congaree Municipal Election. There are two seats to be filled in that race and four people have filed to run. They are fellow incumbent Brian Jackson, and former Councilmembers Kitty Spires, and Jerry Smith. South Congaree’s elections are at large, non-partisan races. In order to vote, you must be registered and a legal resident of the Town.

Porter is married to Jennifer, a Doctor of Chiropractic, who owns Premier One Spinal Care on South Lake Drive in Red Bank. He is a General Contractor that owns Premier One Construction, a company that manages many large projects in the upstate of South Carolina.

In a recent interview with The Lexington Ledger Porter said, “On April 5, 2022, my first term as a councilmember for the Town of South Congaree will officially come to an end. On that same day, Tuesday, April 5, 2022, registered voters who are citizens of South Congaree will have the opportunity to allow me to serve them four more years or select someone else to take that seat. I would appreciate an opportunity to serve four more years for a number of reasons.”

Porter continued by saying that over the last four years, he’s have had the honor to help lead the town through some difficult times. “I continue to have a passion for our community as we move forward. Although I didn't grow up here and haven't lived here 50 years, I actually believe that is a plus,” he stated. “I have had the opportunity to move here, see the town through the eyes of a new resident, and learned to love this great little town.”

Porter, who earned his MBA from East Carolina University, believes his business, financial, and construction experience will assist the Town of South Congaree in growing in a positive way in the future. “I have had the opportunity to focus most recently on a major infrastructure project that will have a legacy impact for our town. As an Unlimited General Contractor, I constantly review cost-cutting opportunities while continuing to seek quality in everything we do.”

“Above all,” Porter continued, “I'd like to see us as a town build and maintain a positive work environment for our employees so they can serve you with a cheerful heart. I believe my particular skill set will continue to move our town forward as we must begin to focus on long-term planning.”

Porter has laid out a simple six-point plan that he feels are issues that are very important for South Congaree. When re-elected he would like to:

1. Unite the council as a Governing Body - The more South Congaree’s Town Council works together, the more they can accomplish.

2. PLAN-PLAN-PLAN – The Town’s comprehensive plan is critical for the future of the town in meeting its needs.

3. Have a Strategy - Maintain an all-inclusive strategy that includes South Congaree’s business leaders as well as the citizens.

4. American Rescue Funds - Determine what need will create highest return on investments (ROI) as well as enhance the lives of South Congaree’s citizens.

5. Youth of Today – South Congaree’s future leaders come from this generation, and it is the Town’s obligation to include this group as elected leaders plan for enhanced growth and development.

6. Employee Obligations - Create a work environment that retains personnel long-term. South Congaree has too much turnover and when I talk to employees who are leaving or have left, they don't necessarily leave for money. Often, they cite a hostile and unsure work environment as a reason they leave the Town’s employment. South Congaree needs to become more competitive in recruiting & hiring but once the Town hires good employees, the Council needs to establish a clear chain of command and stop micromanaging them.

Bobby Porter said in closing that he would appreciate having your support tomorrow and looks forward to serving you another four years. If you’d like to reach out to him, call 336 442-3339.

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