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Boy Scout Troop 507 Studies 14 Mile Creek Health

Lexington, SC 09/22/2023 - This past weekend, Boy Scout Troop 507 partnered with South Carolina Adopt-a-Stream to participate in a unique educational activity at 14 Mile Creek in Lexington County.

Led by Alexandra (Lexi) Thomason, an Adopt-a-Stream Program Coordinator, the scouts spent their Sunday afternoon collecting and identifying aquatic macroinvertebrates – stream creatures that lack a backbone. The scouts learned that macroinvertebrates serve as water quality indications.

Using dip nets and kick nets, the troop gathered dozens of samples from the creek. They identified species such as caddisfly, stonefly, and dragonfly larvae, which are pollution sensitive species and can signal good stream conditions.

"The boys had a great time discovering the animal life in 14 Mile Creek while learning how they interact with the health of the waterway," said boy scout committee chair, Allison Avila. "It was an impactful lesson in ecology and conservation."

The SC Adopt-a-Stream program teaches volunteer monitoring techniques for the waterways of South Carolina. The scouts will apply their new knowledge as they work towards a soil and water conservation merit badge.

"I enjoyed partnering with Troop 507 to provide an opportunity for hands on learning," said Thomason. "Experiences like this can foster a personal connection to nature and the desire to safeguard our waterways."

Troop 507 hopes to increase their knowledge, encourage improved water use habits, and provide opportunities for watershed stewardship. They aim to complete their badge and carry out other soil and water conservation projects.

To get involved with the Adopt-a-Stream program, contact the coordinator, Lexi Thomason at or visit Working together, we can advance the understanding and protection of our water resources.


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