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Busbee Creative Arts holds sweet potato pie competition

West Columbia, SC 11/01/2022 - Busbee Creative Arts Academy has a bountiful garden, with a recent harvest that included about 75 pounds of sweet potatoes.

What to do with that many sweet potatoes? Well, have a pie contest, of course.

Each of Busbee’s 20 homerooms came up with their own sweet potato pies recipes, which were tasted and judged by a panel that included school and community members and students from the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

The winning pie was made by Amy Bolin’s class, baked from a family recipe shared by instructional assistant Annette Johnson. The class was awarded a golden bedazzled spatula, which they will enjoy until next year’s contest.

Media specialist Lisa Fisher, who organized this year’s pie contest and works in the school garden, said it’s a great hands-on lesson for students, who can follow their food from farm – or, in this case garden – to table.

PHOTO CAPTION: Student judges taste and judge samples from the 20 homeroom pies.

PHOTO CAPTION; A plate of pie samples

PHOTO CAPTION: Judges, from left, including Lexington Two’s Dr. Janet Dedmon, Dr. Bridgett Wolfe, Superintendent Dr. Brenda Hafner (right), and Chris Moore of Breads and Such bakery in West Columbia sample pies.


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